Office Tables FAQ Guide

What are mobile office tables?

Mobile Office tables are designed to offer flexibility and space saving options. Simple folding techniques allow the tables to be easily operated and maneuvered. Tables are available with or without wheels, depending on which would suit your office.  They can either be used for individual persons or cater for groups. Mobile Office tables are extremely beneficial for conference or meeting rooms. If you have rooms that are for multi-purpose tasks you may benefit from having mobile office tables to allow the flexibility of having space available. With mobile tables, as they are easy to move around, you can change the layout to reflect the type of gathering, be it a formal meeting or interactive training session. They offer the flexibility of having a large conference or a small intimate meeting, without large furniture crowding the room.

Best size meeting table?

When choosing your meeting table you need to consider the room size and the purpose of the table. If you will be only conducting small meetings, then a large table will be unnecessary and create an unwelcoming, daunting feeling. If you have a meeting room which is a generous size and will be used for large groups, then opting for a medium to large table will be useful.  When choosing a large table you need to take into account the amount of space available for the chairs. If the table is too large for the room, then people will not be able to flow around the table easily.  When choosing a table remember to think about the statement it gives off – an impressive table can portray a positive business feel.  Your table needs to provide a professional but welcoming feeling, you want to make the attendee’s feel comfortable and relaxed and able to interact.

Different styles of meeting table?

Office meeting tables come in various shapes and sizes. Square, rectangle, boat, racetrack, round and u-shape are a few options to consider. There are many features you may need to think about. Do you want the table to be easily moved – if yes, you may want to have your table on wheels to allow easy movement. Will the table need to provide storage? Meeting tables can also offer the choice of having cable management – if you know wires will be widely used in your meetings then this will keep you room clean and tidy but also free from trip hazards. Remember, a clean and organised meeting room will create a positive impression.

What does each style of meeting table offer?

Square and rectangle meeting tables are good for groups to conduct group discussions and training sessions. Tables can be placed together to create a larger table space. These tables encourage dialogue between attendees and the set-up will fit in most small meeting rooms. Round tables are great for small brain storming sessions and in-depth group discussions. These tables are flexible enough to be suitable for lunch meetings.  U-shape are ideal for obtaining interaction from the attendees – problem solving and training sessions are great as the presenter can enter the space between the tables and really involve the participants.