Office Storage FAQ Guide

What types of office storage are there?


Designer Office Lockers, Filing cabinets, Office bookcases, Cabinets, cupboards and pedestals are all available at The Designer Office. Each storage option has its own personal features. When choosing your office storage, you not only need to consider what you are filing but also how often it needs to be accessed. You would not want a huge cupboard at the other end of the office that would need to be accessed quite a few times a day – this is not practical or user friendly. Employee Office lockers are becoming more popular within the workplace. These types of storage are great for keeping a clean desk policy and aid safety around the office – no tripping over bag handles or coats dragging under chairs. Filing cabinets are often made from metal or wood and the main purpose is for paper filing. Large units can hold multiple files for individual records. Office bookcases are very convenient when needing to access folders/books swiftly. Office Cabinets and cupboards usually have either front opening doors or sliding doors and they come in various sizes to suit your needs. Office pedestals are available to compliment your desk workstations. On castors they are easy to manoeuvre. Different drawer options are available which help keep desks tidy from stationary and files.  All of the above storage solutions can be key locked for extra security.


How do you organise an efficient office storage room?


When designing your office storage room, many considerations need to be factored in. The main purpose of a filing/storage system is so all information is easily accessible and organised so that you are not wasting time searching for your desired item. If space is no problem, you could section off areas for certain items – for example: cabinets for customer records in one area, stationary for the employees in another, staff lockers in another. Having separate areas may reduce the need for labelling all your cabinets/cupboards. If space is slightly restricted, high floor to ceiling cupboards will help you visualise what’s on offer! Once doors are open you can locate your items with a quick glance. These high cupboards can be designed inside to suit your needs, adjustable shelves can make it easier to store larger items and little extras to help store stationary items make these cupboards ideal. Above all, when designing your storage you need to make sure the room reflects clean, tidy and bright solutions making the storage look easy and welcoming when trying to locate items.


What is the best storage for important documents?


Important documents need to be organised correctly – you don’t want to be spending too much time trying to locate ‘important’ documents and having to explain to the recipient that you’re not sure where it is. You want to look professional and provide the documents easily. When thinking of filing important documents, it’s not just the security you need to consider – an easy filing system is just as important. Even with all the modern technology we still need to keep and store paper documents. Filing cabinets and cupboards can be designed with key lock facilities so only selected people can obtain access. Filing cabinets can offer a great filing system for documents – they can be vertical or lateral, each one varying in size.  Fire proof cabinets are an added protection for important information. Paper documents may also be scanned to make a digital back up copy. Digital documents can be password protected on the computer and if need be saved onto a hard drive. These hard drives then need to be secured correctly again in a lockable storage system for added security.