Office Furniture FAQ Guide

How to design office furniture

When designing your office furniture, many factors need to be considered. Space is highly important as you need to portray a free flowing office space rather than a crowded area. Having a busy office space can display a negative view from visitors and employees. Productivity can really be affected by how an office is laid out and a congested office can create a stressful atmosphere. All office equipment should be within easy reach and not be obstructed. You need to remember that storage solutions can be accessed by everyone and not designed too high so that not all staff can reach or use it correctly. Ergonomic furniture can provide a relaxed and confident feeling amongst office workers. Uncomfortable or complicated furniture can cause worry and employees or visitors may be deterred from using equipment/furniture. For many, a clean clutter free design can represent an organised office with a calming feeling.

How does office furniture affect productivity?

Great office furniture can increase productivity and provide you with happy employees. Many businesses are now investing in new office furniture to help distance themselves from the boring old designs to new stylish, colourful offices. Enthusiasm and good morale within the office are important and introducing colour into the workplace can be really beneficial. Clean, fresh storage facilities will help relieve stressful environments. People are more likely to respect their workplace if everything is organised and controlled. Furniture that is close to hand is always beneficial. Being able to locate items/information without tripping over wires or struggling to squeeze through gaps is detrimental in providing a positive workplace. Many businesses struggle with employee sickness for simple issues relating to posture – this can be improved by providing ergonomic furniture to allow the correct health and safety guidelines to be in place.

How to select office furniture?

When selecting your office furniture you need to consider its function. Will it serve its purpose within the office?  If not, then it’s not needed – too much furniture can have a negative impact on the workplace. To keep a clean and tidy office everything needs a place and by preparing and planning we can help design the perfect office environment. By understanding your employees needs you are able to create workstations that will help with their role – do they require an adjustable desk? They may sit for certain periods but then need to be able to stand at their workstation to perform certain tasks.

When selecting your furniture you will need to think about the colour and not just the purpose and design. You may want to choose colours that will fit in with your business branding. This is an effective selling point when welcoming visitors or customers into the building.


Benefits of modern office furniture?


Many years ago designing an office was simple; filing solutions, desks and chairs but nowadays, with so many options to choose from, it can seem a challenging task. Being able to choose from so many products is a blessing – it means you can cater to your own needs and personalise your furniture. Incorporating colour into your office workplace can have a really positive effect on everyone who enters your office. Technology is fast evolving and by amalgamating your modern furniture with your equipment you can really bring your business into the modern world and represent a competitive, thriving business.