All you Need to Know About Types of Lumbar Support in Ergonomic Chairs

Work from home (WFH) is the new normal and to keep up with this lifestyle one has to cope up with the circumstances and find an effective solution to every problem. Sitting for 9-10 long hours at home alone and not having a colleague to talk to might be a little frustrating. Despite that, some people enjoy work from home. However, the concept of remote work is stressful for some while fun for others, but what remains common in remote and in-house work is sitting for long hours forgetting to take a break just because you were on a long call or your work keeps piling up!

You already know some of its harmful effects, but lower back pain is the worst. But before we get into the solution part, let us understand what is the major cause behind your lower back pain.

The Lumbar, means the lower region of the back consists of five vertebrae and is situated between the diaphragm and sacrum. This region faces the entire pressure of your body while you are seated. Due to the constant strain the pressure goes beyond limits. This causes exertion which results in lower back pain.

Addressing this serious problem we have introduced a solution for lumbar support that reduces the burden on the back and increases the chances of a healthier life.

What is Lumbar Support?

Lumbar support prevents your lower back from strain causing a lot of pressure on the back and keeps us comfortable while we’re seated. Nowadays most offices use lumbar support which is good back support for chairs. As a result, employees feel more productive during the day and less tired at the end of the day.

These chairs are designed using ergonomics, which is the study of people’s working efficiency. Hence these chairs can also be called ergonomic office chairs. These chairs have soft cushion-like layers that do not cause any irritation and allow you to sit comfortably for long hours.

The materials included in the making are breathable hygienic fabrics. These fabrics encourage ventilation and protect you against heat build-up in your back which could result in discomfort and perspiration. This is the basic overview of lumbar support. Before you dive into its importance and why you need it Know the various available types.

Fixed lumbar support
A ready-made office chair with back support which has a fixed height and depth. This chair is more ergonomic, lacks flexibility which makes it counterproductive. This chair is not adjustable so it will not work the same for different people.

Adjustable lumbar support
Adjustable lumbar support chairs are different and far better than fixed support chairs. These chairs allow fitting a better and wider range of spine curvatures. This chair is flexible to be adjusted as per your convenience and allows it for the usage of more than 1 person.

Height– The knob below allows you the raise or lower the height of the chair
Depth– The user can control how far the support stands out which is done with the help of a pump that inflates the support.
Firmness– The round-shaped knob adjusts the softness and hardness of the support.

These are some of the outstanding features that make an adjustable chair better than and an option worth choosing.

Portable or external lumbar support
There are some chairs that do not have lumbar support, but sitting on those chairs for long gets tedious and irritating. In order to escape these lumbar cushions create a soft surface and feel equally comfortable. Although it is a cheaper option, you can’t swear by its quality. These chairs can also be problematic in keeping stationary.

What is the Importance of Lumbar Support?
Lumbar support is important. As mentioned above working from home without a companion can be mentally stressful and on the top of that, sitting in an uncomfortable arrangement will add to your physical pain. This can cause trouble both physically and mentally. To ensure maximum productivity and well-bring of your employees, you need to ensure their comfort. Lumbar support is one of the most important added benefits of buying ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic chairs are your best bet. The support curvature built into this chair behaves as an apt support for your back. To test its efficiency the user sits up straight and keeps his body posture lean with head, spine and butt in a single alignment.

If not seated properly, the lumbosacral discs can lose their shape which later results in poor body posture. This causes stress in soft tissues and joints of the spine.

Who Needs Lumbar Support?
All the people who are engaged in a job that requires a lot of sitting should definitely have it. Secondly, all the remote workers should have it as it has become the new normal and is expected to last probably for years. Lastly, if you are a business owner, then do not miss on providing it to your employees, not just for their comfort but to make them feel valued.

This justifies that lumbar support furniture is the modern-day concept. It is beneficial, flexible, comfortable and designed to let you work without causing harm to your back. So if you are planning to get one check out our collection and find something that suits your requirements!