Call Centre Furniture

View Our Range of Designer Call Centre Furniture From The Designer Office

Our team at the designer office are one of the leading suppliers of call centre office furniture in the UK. We offer every solution of call centre office furniture from straight bench desks to the traditional circular pods. The circular pods are available in 4 person pods, 6 person pods and 8 person pods and come with 3 leg options, supporting tubular legs, supporting open CPU units to house towers and lockable 3 drawer narrow pedestals offering storage or filing solutions.

The call centre pods also come with an integrated central power management tower to conceal all power and data cables and allow neat and tidy access to floor boxes. The call centre pods also come with curved diving screens to offer separation from colleagues and minimise noise disturbance.

Although the circular call centre pods are still extremely popular, the more in trend solution is now the straight bench desk option. This offer much cleaner lines within the office environment and can also work better when space planning the office depending on the room shape and layout.

There are 2 types of straight call centre office furniture; these are freestanding straight or bench desks or the linked or modular bench desks. There are benefits to both. The benefits of the freestanding call centre desks are that they can be butted up together to give the overall appearance of a call centre rectangular pod of desks but as each desk is freestanding it gives the client the flexibility to move the desks around the office at any point in the future and reconfigure in other areas. Cable management is still available for the desks but they are fitted individually to the underneath of each desk as is the option for a dividing screen which clamps to the back of each desk top.

The benefits of modular bench desks solutions is that the frames are all linked and fixed together offering a more sturdy and permanent structure however desks can be added and removed at any point to either end of the run of desks. The cable management on modular call centre desks is also integrated within the framework of the pods so it links all of the desks together. With the option for central cable risers also this gives flexible cabling solutions whether feeding power and data from a wall or from floor boxes into each pod.

The benefits of Call Centre Furniture

The benefits of call centre office furniture in the UK are the ability to utilise any office space to its full potential. When companies require larger number of staff within an area then there really is no better solution than some form of call centre office furniture. With many companies choosing to go paperless or opting for a clean desk policy, the need for desk surface space is being greatly reduced meaning slimmer desks but more people within the same overall floor plan.

With more and more companies choosing to sell their services and products online the need for call centres and more importantly call centre office furniture is massively increasing. Call centre office furniture is set to be the fastest growing sector of all office furniture solutions in the UK in years to come due to its flexibility and space optimisation.

Our team at the designer office have been, and will continue to be market leaders in the supply of call centre office furniture in the UK. Contact our sales team or take advantage of our free 2D and 3D space planning services by calling us on 01902 886748.