White Bench Desking Systems

A white bench desking solution for your office space can make a world of difference when it comes to optimising space and making efficient use of your office environment. Bench desking is perfect for large open plan office environments where desks are needed by a number of people and where hot desking is an ongoing requirement

Our range of bench desking systems are ideal for call centre operations and for large offices where there is a requirement for interaction across teams and where team collaboration is actively encouraged. Call centres tend to be office environments that require large bench desk systems and our range of white bench desking can easily satisfy this need. A bench desk system will significantly reduce the footprint of a call centre operation because they are able to seat more people, giving you more room to work with.

The benefits of bench desking systems include smart cable management, a dynamic office space that you can shape to your requirements and optional extras such as privacy screens and accessory bars to make your office work effectively.

Flexible bench desking

The flexible design of bench desking enables you to share structural components such as desk legs and beams. This allows you to extend the surface of the desk area by adding on separate desk modules, giving you greater flexibility to seat more people and create dynamic working areas. The flexibility of being able to share structural components means that you can keep costs down and make optimum use of the office space that you are working with.

A bench desking system can be planned with bench desks parallel to the wall or double-sided so that team members can face each other. The latter helps to foster an environment where there is a greater opportunity for collaboration and building a good team spirit.

Using white bench desking in your office will play a great part in brightening your office environment. The clean, contemporary lines of white bench desking makes it an extremely popular choice so if you want to give your office that smart and ultra-modern look then white bench desks are an ideal option.

As well as being contemporary and chic, white is a very clean and fresh colour to use in the office. It can help to lift the mood and inspire positivity across your teams. White bench desking can transform your office from being grey and uninspiring to a modern vibrant environment where people develop a positive attitude about their work.

If you are looking to create an office environment that promotes collaboration, positivity and a good team spirit together with efficient use of space then a bench desk system is a great choice. At The Designer Office we can create the perfect bench desking solution for you and our competitive pricing means that we are sure to have something that fits in with your budget and your office requirements.