What Furniture Should you Buy for Your Student Apartment? Things to Consider

Relocating to student accommodation is an exciting phase of life, it’s probably the first time you would have things as you may like them. However, it’s the same time that plays an important role in shaping our future that includes responsibilities, being more organized , and a systematic approach towards a lot of things. And the first step towards this change is by reflecting the same in your surroundings. In this blog, we have curated a list of the essential furniture pieces that will make your apartment fully functional.

To make the right decision, you need to know this first- What is the major activity of a student’s life?

On a very serious note, it’s a combination of heaps of reading and writing. This is the stage while students are engrossed in learning things from the past as well as things that can make their future. It is very evident that a student apartment needs to have a proper set-up of quality furniture which falls under the category of comfort as well as spell modernity in the look and feel.

The work of setting up a student apartment might sound fun but while you concentrate on the student accommodation furniture part; it is a pretty time – consuming task.

Anything that sounds and seems small, makes a major difference when it’s absent. Student furniture-starting from a simple student desk to an ultra comforting push-back couch; all small amenities contribute to providing the utmost comfort in student accommodation.

As a designer, hostel owner, or landlord; one has to keep the concept of student furniture clear and furnish the space wisely to attract students that love modern spaces which are ideally furnished.

Living Room Furniture:
Ample seating space is what students expect the most; along with the corners kept free that’s the best of both worlds; as they like it.

The essentials would include: a stylish TV unit with at least a 32” that’s wall- mounted; so that the desk space is free. A coffee table at a cozy corner for the reading nights with space- may be a mini table for the snacks and quick meal.

Always go for the neutral shades that provide the warmth of a home.

Kitchen furniture:
Students nowadays are extremely choosy, especially with the food. Most of them are health conscious and love their freedom to decide upon what food they want to have. Most of them like the idea of experimenting and practicing their cooking skills. Hence, good quality furniture for the kitchen is extremely important.

They like the concept of compactness that has the awe to attract; but it should be durable at the same time. You don’t want to flood the kitchen area with cabinets that make the area look cramped. .The provision of a dishwasher can be an added advantage for the students. Properties especially located within the education and sports facilities have extraordinary demands and heavy competition, so make sure your property stands out among them!

Bedroom Furniture:
Gone are the days when students accepted a cramped single bed. Today, a student bedroom serves more than just a place to rest; it’s more than a living room as they spend much of their time on their beds; watching movies, reading books, or completing projects.

This calls for a comforting double bed along with a close-ended wheeled wardrobe for a single’s dresses and accessories.

Communal Areas:
The parameters of a good communal area are much beyond a decently furnished living room, an adequate kitchen, and a clean bath and toilet. A student expects spacious and airy seating arrangements. This seating set-up should include the style quotient as well as the ease to accommodate different numbers of gathering.

The furniture should be versatile enough so that they can be used not just for seating but also for a movie night, gaming sessions or house parties.

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