Top 10 Tips to Turn Your Small Size Office Space into a Big One!

Starting a new business can be quite overwhelming. A business owner needs to look after all the aspects that may directly or indirectly affect their finances. One of such factors includes using small office space. Due to the limited source of finance and a fewer number of employees at the company, buying a restricted office space with modern furniture becomes an ideal choice for business owners. There is nothing wrong with having a small office as long as it serves the purpose for you. However, if you don’t keep the office space up to date and consider the wrong office furniture design, then that becomes an untidy small corner. Additionally, if you leave your small office furniture untidy, it adversely affects the productivity of employees. To avoid such scenarios in future or even presently, understanding the true potential of your space and office furniture to make it look bigger is extremely essential. Although a wide expanse of space may be lacking, the amount of such unutilised space should not be wasted without its potential being realised.

To help you make the most of your space and modern office furniture, we’ve set out ten tips for you to make it feel bigger and better!

  1. Smart Storage Solutions

  2. When thinking of turning your small size office space into a bigger one. you might want to take advantage of vertical space for storage. When choosing storage cabinets and units, go vertical! You can even make use of the ceiling if required. To keep the office tidy and organized, such office storage solutions that extend to the ceiling will also help you keep the office clear from all the unnecessary clutter. Even office wall storage units and cabinets can help accommodate more documents and other office materials than any other conventional office storage solutions. And by doing so, they will create the illusion of a large space.

  3. Use Cloud Storage

  4. Files kept in a paper form can hog up too much space. Instead, opt for cloud storage. You can keep all the important files in the cloud – with security and easy access to the document at any time. By reducing the number of paper files, you will also reduce the need for office storage units and cabinets. You will get more space for other office essentials with no clutters and mess.

  5. Clear The Clutter

  6. To have a multi-functional, clean, and less consuming office space, keep the clutter at bay. Get rid of things you don’t need or are no longer in use. Only keep the office material which is required for your daily task. Urge your employees to organise them in their ideal place. By doing so, your office will not only look more organised and appealing, but it will also appear to be more spacious.

  7. Use Bright Colours

  8. Painting a dull wall can do wonders! Painting the office in a bright colour such as white, beige, light green, or even yellow can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to create the illusion of having a larger space. People often perceive such bright colours to be positive, energising and motivating.

  9. Allow Natural Light Inside

  10. Ensure that there is plenty of light, either natural or artificial, in your office space. Poor light has a very similar resemblance to dark colours, which makes a small space appear even smaller. If you want your office to look bigger, you should ensure that there is plenty of light. You can even install additional lighting if needed. Avoid installing floor lamps as they tend to take up lots of space which is something you might not want if your office space is limited.

  11. Organise The Cables

  12. Always opt for a wireless solution. By organising the cables, your office will look neater, tidier, and much more organised. Additionally, it will make your small office space look bigger. Cables tend to create a cramped feeling, especially if it is running loose across the office. Poorly organised cables also pose a serious safety hazard.

  13. Use Glass For Light and Reflection

  14. Don’t be scared of installing glass office desks, there’s no need to be! Glass is ideal for reflecting light and making your space look sleeker and larger. Most latest office designs also use this trend, so you’re also banging on trend by using this trick!

  15. Minimal Decoration

  16. A desirable office space should always look more inviting and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. But if you have limited space, you should probably go easy on decoration. Minimal decoration helps avoid making the office feel cramped and consequently, look even smaller than it is. Practise keeping only a few decorative items just to liven up the office space.

  17. Keep The Floor Clear

  18. Don’t cramp your office space with some unnecessary items on the floor. Keep the floor clear by only providing enough storage space for office materials and your employee’s belongings. Make sure you hide those cables under the floor. Remove the carpet and try to find space for things that originally don’t belong on the floor.

  19. Smart Furniture Choices

  20. Some furniture styles may look bulkier than others despite being the same size and having similar functionality. Therefore, consider using furniture that is made with transparent or reflective materials, thinner frames or with light colours to blend in well with your light and bright interior walls. Only buy furniture you realistically need. Avoid purchasing any extra furniture piece just because you think it looks nice or your office might need it in future.

    Ready to transform your business with brand new office furniture? At The Designer Office, we can transform your small office into a vibrant space that is inviting and easy to work in. To buy the best modern office furniture for your small office, contact us today!