Task Chairs

Office Task Chairs

Choosing the right seating for your office is crucial for ensuring a happy and healthy workforce. Breaking up a sedentary routine with bouts of exercise and activity throughout the day can go some way to combat problems like back pain, aches and strains, but there’s only so much time workers can dedicate to these countermeasures without compromising productivity. But bad backs and associated disorders a serious concern for employers. It’s estimated that in 2013, more than 30 million working days were lost to the issue, as well as contributing to more than a third of all long-term sickness absences.


Task Chairs – Practical Seating for Every Workplace

In an age of hot-desking and flexible workforces, ensuring you’ve got adequate office seating and furniture to accommodate personnel of all shapes and sizes is a must. Task chairs are an ideal choice if you’re office furniture needs to seat different individuals on a daily basis, and are specially designed to adapt and adjust to the needs of different users. The Designer Office boasts an epic selection of office seating, from soft seating for maximum comfort, to office meeting chairs that can readily adapt to many different users at the touch of a button or lever.


The Best Choice for Business and Home Offices


Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect the importance of quality seating. The average worker can spend up to ten hours a day sat behind the desk on a busy day, so picking the right seating is paramount. Give yourself the best head start for a brilliant business day with superior seating and furniture that’ll promote better posture, boost productivity and help combat common health issues associated with modern working life.

Experts in Ergonomic Seating

Here at The Designer Office, we’ve cherry-picked a premier selection of ergonomic seating and task chairs to provide users with the maximum in support and comfort, helping stave off common workplace strains, aches and injuries. With our first-rate range of quality office furniture, there’s no need to skimp and settle for second best. Choose seating that offers optimum lumber and pelvic support, with adjustable armrests and seating heights to perfectly accommodate users of every shape and size. Opt for seating with plush padding for added comfort, with wheeled bases to maximise mobility.


Need to consider interior design implications or an existing colour scheme? No problem. At The Designer Office, we’ve an incredible selection of task chairs, ergonomic seating and quality office furniture in all manner of styles for the perfect complement to your space. Browse our online selection for a perfect match to your existing furniture, or opt for a bold new scheme to breathe new life into your workspace. We’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, but if you need a little help making the best decision for your workspace or office, feel free to get in touch and speak with one of our friendly team for more ideas and inspiration.