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Office Soft Seating

From task chairs and reception seating, to spectacular office seating and the latest ergonomic designs, you’ll find a first-rate choice of quality office furniture at The Designer Officer. We’re committed to bringing customers more choice when it comes to premium seating and furniture designs, with fantastic prices to accommodate all kinds of budgets. Whether you’re looking to impress potential clients and customers with designs that’ll wow, or just want to make your workplace more comfortable and accommodating for co-workers, The Designer Office is your one stop shop for your every need.


The Benefits of Quality Soft Seating


When it comes to deciding on superior seating for your office, the importance of quality, comfortable seating can’t be ignored. Back pain accounts for more absences through sickness than any other complaint in the UK, stacking up to tens of millions of lost days of productivity each year. When you invest in ergonomic office soft seating, you’re not only giving your co-workers a comfortable spot to sit at a workstation, you’ll be helping stave of avoidable ill health and common complaints that’ll productivity and business back unnecessarily.


Fantastic Seating for a Flexible Workspace


Any modern office needs to be flexible, which is why we’ve brought together a first-rate selection of space-saving seating solutions that can be adapted to best fit the needs of an ever-changing workplace. Struggling to keep up with an ever-increasing workforce? Choose task chairs and ergonomic seating that can be readily adapted for a new user each and every day, with easy-to-use adjustments to provide bespoke support and maximum comfort to each individual.


Brilliant Breakout Furniture


Breakout seating can help soften the rough edges of any office, giving employees a perfect place to relax and unwind during downtime, whilst also providing an ideal space for more informal meetings and discussions. Easy to rearrange and reconfigure, breakout seating is a great go-to if you’re short on floorspace, helping you put together an impromptu meeting space for a last-minute get-together between co-workers. Looking for something a little more contained, but don’t want to partition your available space with walls and borders? Booth seating makes an ideal compromise, giving you designated spaces for more private meetings. Meeting pods are another great way of introducing separate spaces for private meetings, even when you’re short on space.


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Planning an overhaul of your office space? Speak to our friendly team of furniture experts today to request a brochure to browse our complete collection and arrange a quote. We offer an incredible range of top-quality furniture with unrivalled planning and installation experience, helping transform your dreams for a designer office into reality. With long-lasting partnerships with some of the biggest furniture manufacturers and office sofas UK suppliers, we’re your go-to for great deals on premium products. Need a little more help deciding on what’s right for you? Speak to our team today for tailored advice and indispensable advice on affordable seating solutions for you. Call us today on 01902 886748  to speak to us directly.