How to Organize Your Office Desk and its Benefits

Productivity is the primary goal of any office. There are a lot of factors that determine the productivity of your work space. Form the office environment to how well your office is furnished- all these factors contribute towards enhanced work productivity. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your office is well organized and highly functional is having well organized desks. It is not an overstatement to say that an organized desk promotes efficiency and boosts productivity.

Wonderful things happen when you take time to rethink how you organize the office desk. Decluttering and organizing your workspace with the right office furniture means less time spent searching and more time being productive. You no longer have to look here and there and disturb someone or run towards the conference room to find things that you need for your day.

An organized desk has a myriad of benefits. Not only will it increase efficiency, but it will also not leave any stone unturned in making it look professional. It is a quick way to impress your guest.

Here’s why organizing your office space or cubicle is important!

  1. Better focus

  2. A clean and organized desk will help you think more clearly and focus more effectively. If your desk is messy, your mind will not be able to concentrate on important thighs. The focus will tend to change in finding and arranging instead of work.

  3. Improves creativity & productivity
  4. Keeping your desk clean and tidy will for sure help you focus on your work. If you can focus on your task, you are more likely to bring your creativity to the desk. Moreover, you’ll waste less time in searching and organizing, which means more productivity.

  5. Enhance professionalism
  6. Your workplace is a representation of your level of professionalism. It tells others that you have a strong work ethic and that success is important to you.

  7. Saves time
  8. The clock is ticking and you always complain of not having enough time. An organized desk is a gift to save your valuable time. It will ensure you where things are at all times.

Whether you’re based at home or working in the office, a well-organized workspace is a key to increasing productivity as well as helping to reduce stress.

How to Organize Your Desk or Cubicle?

Here are 10 steps you can take to organize your desk, cubicle, or office.

  1. Personal space

  2. Getting started is the hardest part. Organizing your desk by getting purge of your personal items and professional items is the first step towards organizing your office space. No wonder personal items like mobile phones, keys, wallets, or purses find their way onto your office desks, but arranging them in the right space and manner is the key to productivity. Make sure the essential personal and professional items don’t get clutter up and lead to unhealthy and unproductive distractions.

  3. Maintain desk hygiene
  4. The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely changed our hygiene practice. No wonder hygiene is the top priority now, even when it comes to the office desk. A clean desk is essential not only to keep the desk and the office looks clean, but it is also important for personal well-being.

    Adapt a few desk cleaning routine habits like wiping your desk at the end of the day while leaving the workplace.

  5. Reduce distraction
  6. While it can be very easy to get distracted at the office, especially after having the habit of work from home. Whenever possible, remove any item from your office desk that is going to cause unnecessary distraction, be it a phone or any character.

  7. Get rid of unwanted items
  8. Dumping unnecessary items from your desk is the best way to get an organized desk. If you are looking to create a well-organized desk, disposing of all unnecessary items is essential. From rough paperwork to the notebook, diary or pen, get rid of all the items and make a clean space as much as possible.

  9. Find organizational materials
  10. One of the easiest ways to keep your items organized is to keep them separated into different categories. For example, you may want to purchase drawer trays, filing cabinet dividers, or a pen or pencil cup. Arrange everything in desk storage according to your convenience.

  11. Manage your cables
  12. Aggh! Cables can be the most disgusting, especially if you are loaded with work, and can be a big reason for irritation. Tangled cables are unsightly, be it your phone charger. It is likely to be a big reason for distraction as well as being a potential hazard. Minimize the risk of distraction by tying up loose cables and tuck them out of sight.

  13. Keep a book and pen handy
  14. Not everything goes straight into an email or digital document. When in the office, it is essential to always have a book and pen handy to quickly write down important tasks and project details, or inspirations, or reminders.

  15. Segment your desk
  16. While it is likely that the majority of the day will be spent on your computer, it is important to have desk areas sectioned for non-computer tasks. From reading files and documents to mapping out tasks and discussion with teammates, segmenting desks will help achieve clear-cut organization. You can find a wide range of modern office desks to arrange cubicles in the office.

  17. Make space for incoming items
  18. In general, three types of items that come into the office or cubicle: important documents, items you need to keep, and trash. Designate a space right next to the door or cubicle entrance to catch those items. The area should have a location to place a try of documents, a shelf, or box to place your important items.

  19. Use a trash can
  20. It might seem pointless and simple but investing in the trash and placing it next to your desk, or beneath your cubicle desk will transform your cluttered workplace to pristine.

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