Office Space Planning

At The Designer Office, we are experts in office space planning. In fact, we class it as such a key part of office interior design that we offer this as a free service to any clients wishing to purchase office furniture with us.
We offer all of our plans in 2D and 3D CAD. This enables the client to see a bird’s eye view of the office, as well as virtual stills in full colour of the finished proposed layout.
The 2D plan enables clients and contractors to check measurements, to ensure that when completed, all of the furniture fits and all walkways meet the health and safety requirements.
The 3D images give the virtual experience. Clients can see what colour furniture and seating will match each other and the surroundings it sits in. We can match floors, walls, windows and doors, helping our clients decide on the all important aesthetics of the room.
In every office or reception area, there are minimum health and safety guidelines in place. A company’s office would expect to have a minimum walkway between each desk of 800mm or 80cm. This is not just the walkway in the office, but the measurement between any two points of furniture if people will be walking between them.
If companies have any disabled employees or visitors, this measurement increases to a minimum of 1000mm or 1m between any two points of furniture. This will give the employee / visitor the ability to move freely around the premises, in their wheelchair with ease and so not to discriminate against them.
Other key factors to address when space planning an office, are where the power and date points are. Try to plan the desks near to the power points on the walls or over floor boxes in the middle of the room. If this is not possible, you will have to factor in the cost of installing power points or floor boxes in your budget which can have a massive impact.
Any office furniture should be at least 30mm away from any radiator. Remember the edging on your furniture is bonded at high temperature. If too close, this will reheat and cause the edging to peel off. When we measure your office, we always measure from skirting board to skirting board. If your furniture fits wall to wall the thickness of this can be the difference between it fitting or not.
So if you’re moving premises or having a refurbishment and you need your office space planning, then our experts at The Designer Office will ensure the transition runs smoothly. We take all of these key factors into consideration, so that you don’t have the stress on your shoulders and the responsibility is ours.
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