Office Seating FAQ Guide

What types of Office Seating are there?


Here at The Designer Office we can offer different types of Office Seating to suit your needs. We can cater for Reception areas, Breakout rooms, Office seating, Mesh Office Chairs, Ergonomic seating and Executive Office seating.

With Reception Areas you will want to promote a great first impression. Your visitors need to be impressed by your company and custom seating can be very important in helping to achieve this. They need to be stylish and comfortable, making visitors feel relaxed. The style you choose also needs to compliment the space available.


Breakout rooms need to offer a comforting area where your employees can feel relaxed whilst on a break. As this area maybe the employees’ lunch room, easy to clean and durable seating is required.


Our Mesh Office seating can provide physical support to your employees’ well being. They offer lumbar back supports, adjustable arm rests and the mesh helps to provide constant air flow to help you feel comfortable.


Ergonomic seating will provide support to minimise work related injuries. If our bodies are not supported correctly we can often put ourselves under immense pressure inflicting pain and injuries.


Executive Office seating needs to offer comfort and help reinforce the feeling of professionalism, when making important business decisions the last thing you want is to be fidgeting around in your chair worrying about back pain!


How can I arrange Office seating & where is seating needed?

When choosing your office seating you need to take into account that the layout is suitable and safe. You do not want to clutter your space with chairs and create an uncomfortable area. Fire exit routes need to be considered so as to not block the flow of human traffic. You need to choose carefully when planning your seating areas; we are able to offer many different styles and so we can help you decide on the correct chair for your office. If space is quite small, you might find that stackable (meeting room) chairs can help.


Seating is recommended in these key areas – at all office desks, reception/waiting areas, breakout rooms and meeting rooms.


Different styles of seating are available and it all depends on the area you are providing seating for and the purpose it needs to achieve. Does the seating need to provide physical support, allow activity, promote movement, be easy to use? For example, a reception area might need a fixed sofa area and so you do not want to promote movement or spend a huge amount of time considering physical support (lumbar support etc) as the area is mainly used for short term seating.


How can Custom Office Seating help you?

A well designed office can help promote your business and allow your employees to feel comfortable and proud of where they work. If an employee feels proud, they will be happy and a happy employee equals higher productivity.  By providing comfortable, stylish and supportive seating you can help assist in your employees well being. We can help you achieve a free flow office area rather than a crowded chaotic atmosphere! Incorporating your business colours into the seating areas can help you stand out. Reception areas are great for this kind of bold statement. Choosing your brand colours will help your office area feel a more bright and positive workspace.