Office Desk FAQ Guide

Why buy custom office desks?

When designing your office, there are a few things you need to keep in mind – the space you have available, the style you are interested in and managing your employees healthy and safety at work. Depending on your office size, we can optimise your office space making sure the office floor is free flowing rather than a crowded area. By investing in custom desks, you are able to incorporate your own styles and designs to complement your business brand.  Reception areas play a vital role in promoting your brand – if clients come to visit, it’s important to make the right impression.

We can offer clever storage solutions to provide a clear and organised office. You can choose desks that can be easily relocated around the office to suit the changing needs of your business.

We can provide different styles of desks whether it be Reception desks, Cable Managed desks, Office Bench & Call Centre desks and Executive desks. All of these desks can be customised to make sure they fulfil your expectations and provide a positive office environment. We can help you make the most out of your floor plan and help choose the correct desks based on the office operation.


What office desk shapes are there?

There are many different styles and shapes on offer. These range from modern office desks, executive office desks, contemporary office desks, corner office desks and computer desks. Choosing the right desk also depends on the shape you opt for. The four main shapes are Corner, Compact Corner, Wave and Rectangular. Each desk has it’s own functionality and purpose, the corner and compact desks can offer a larger work surface area, offering different work zones. Wave and rectangular offer a more space saving option. For further advice please contact us and we can help recommend the right product for your office.


What is an ergonomic office desk?

Proper office ergonomics include good desk posture, correct chair height and adequate equipment spacing, helping you to stay comfortable through your working day. Spending hours at an office desk all day, every day can lead to aches and pains and in some instances long term health problems. Choosing the correct office desk can help alleviate these problems and provide a stress free working environment. Along with our ergonomic chairs a suitable desk is also essential.  We can provide office desks that have adjustable heights so you can make each individual physically at ease. These desks can be altered from a seating position to a standing position easily, alleviating the pressure when in a seated position all day.


What are the must-have computer desk accessories?

To make your desks comfortable for the user and to alleviate any health strains there are a few items that we recommend when purchasing your desks. Posture is an extremely important factor and to help maintain health and safety standards these products can help your workforce more productive. A simple document holder can offer greater comfort and reduce risk of injury from making awkward twists. Ergonomic keyboards and mice offer support for the wrists and take the strain from them. Foot rests offer support to the legs from the feet up, reducing the strain from your thighs and ankles. Telephone headsets are proven to reduce neck and back pain by almost half when used instead of a telephone handset and wireless audio devices are now allowing us the freedom to move while continuing conversations.