Interior Office Design FAQ Guide

What is Interior Office Design?

Whether you have purchased a new office workplace or your current office just needs revamping, interior office designers can help you plan and create a vibrant, modern workplace. From the floor plans to the desk choices, every little detail can be achieved. A well designed office can increase staff productivity and impress your clients and visitors. You can really incorporate your brand into your office design and everything can be personalised to make your workplace an impressive business hub. Whatever the size of your office we can design your workplace so it achieves the perfect balance of practicality and professionalism.

What can be incorporated in an office design?

Office floor plans are reviewed making sure we can offer the correct office products and really make use of the space available. All office furniture is designed with the company and employees best interests in mind.  Whether its office space planning at a small level or a corporate office space, the secrets to a successful design is choosing the right chairs, desks and tables; these pieces of office furniture often take up the most space so choosing the correct style is important. Introducing smart cable management can achieve a neat and highly professional image. Finishes, colours and lighting will also be designed to complete your desired office.

How can a personalised interior office design work for me?

Personalised Office Design can offer many benefits to your company. Having a well designed modern office can help impress potential customers. If customers are often in attendance at your office, a welcoming clean reception area can portray a positive image. Incorporating your business logo or colours into the reception and office workplace will convey a professional company. Employees will benefit hugely from having a workplace they are happy in. Providing staff with ergonomically designed furniture can help alleviate any sickness and show staff that the business shows compassion. Productivity and creativity will be increased if the workplace is an easy free flowing office. Having the correct desks, chairs and storage solutions can help reduce stress amongst workers. Convenient storage (desk or standalone) can help keep a clean office policy enforced and manage health and safety within the workplace.

What office space/rooms can be designed?

Any office space can be designed to achieve its desired purpose. It’s not just the main office or reception area that can be designed. Breakout rooms or lunch rooms can be devised to promote a relaxing environment so your staff can feel re-energised. Choosing comfortable but practical chairs and useful tables will bring this feel together. We can help with conference and boardrooms to help promote a professional surrounding ready for those all important meetings and any necessary storage or ICT equipment can be included. Storage rooms can be useful and cupboards and cabinets can be integrated to provide a clean, organised system Storage rooms may entail employee locker rooms or storing document information in appropriate cabinets . If space is restricted, mobile office furniture can be an option in any room. Easy to move and operate, they are a convenient alternative to fixed furniture.