Glass Office Furniture Guide

Here we answer some of the typical questions we get asked about glass office furniture, however if you have a question that isn’t covered here please contact us via the website or by phone and we will be happy to help.

How to clean glass furniture

Take care not to break any items or the glass itself whilst cleaning so remove any glass shelves to clean them and empty all cabinets.

It’s best to gently clean glass furniture and avoid using any abrasive cleaners as they will scratch the glass and it will spoil the overall look. Clean only after you have removed all surface dust and dirt by just flicking it or blowing it away. Otherwise when you rub the glass with a cloth the dirt and dust will itself scratch the glass as you are using the duster. It is a fact of life that glass furniture tops attract dust so careful cleaning is important.

Always opt for non-abrasive cleaner or just warm water and clean with a lint-free or micro-fibre cleaning cloth. To dry the surface after cleaning and get rid of the excess water use a chamois leather cloth, which is the type of cloth used to dry cars.

How to move glass furniture

If you are re-arranging the furniture in an office or meeting room great care must be taken with glass furniture. You obviously don’t want to damage it but more importantly, you don’t want to injure yourself. It’s best to enlist help with a table or cabinet as you should not attempt this on your own.

If you are moving premises then extra care is needed with glass furniture. Pack the furniture very carefully or the items may well be damaged in transit. Be careful with the glass furniture knobs that they don’t damage walls or other furniture when moving the furniture around.

It’s best to remove glass tops and any glass shelves from the furniture so they can be carefully wrapped separately. If packing several glass shelves or table tops remember to insert packing sheets of cardboard or polystyrene in between them to prevent them from banging together. If possible, they should be taped together to stop them from moving when being driven to your new office.

When loading them into the van it is normally best to stand them on their edge fully upright. Use glass furniture protectors whenever possible to avoid scratching.

How to photograph glass furniture

For company websites and social media pages, more and more companies these days are taking photographs of their offices to upload to the World Wide Web. Photographing glass furniture presents you with a few challenges.

When taking pictures of any highly reflective items such as glass or chrome, being able to control the light and cutting out reflections and light spots is an important skill to master.

With a bit of practise though it is possible to play around with the light to get really high quality photos that show your glass furniture design off to best effect. This will create the right corporate image for your company online.

For more advice about glass office furniture please contact The Designer Office now.