Reception Desks & Counters

The reception of your office is the first point of contact when you walk in. Hence it is important to make sure that your reception desk looks visually appealing. You don’t want any prospect clients or employees to walk in just to come across a mismanaged reception desk that is poorly furnished. As office furnishing experts, we understand that your reception area has to be impressive and functional. With our elaborated range of office reception desks, reception chairs and other reception counters- you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your office. Our collection of office furniture is ideal for various budgets, availability of space, and corporate setting.

From stylish and sleek reception desks to classic veneer desks- you will find something that suits your office design, if you wish to add some storage near the reception area then you can also checkout our collection of office storage where you will find filing cabinets, storage drawers, cupboards and much more.

You can use the help of our furnishing experts who can help you to make the right choice. Whether you have no idea where to start from or you have your ideal office set up in mind- we will help you to bring your envisioned office to life. If you are going for a modern vibe then investing in sleek designs and minimalistic pieces will add to the look. Make sure to choose furniture that goes along the color scheme of your office. You will find adequate options on our website which are perfect even for the most oddly shaped spaces.

The Designer Office offers a full compliment of reception desks, consisting of a modular base and top desk units, supplied in many different styles, sizes, designs & finishes. Added extras such as paper storage, CD racks, key lockers and pedestals all available.

Space is money as property and letting prices have risen to new highs in recent times. With this so has the demand for more compact reception areas. So with the advance in technology and the common use of flat screen monitors the need for deep reception areas decreases. So we can supply a Low Cost space saving solution for your reception desk using our Receptive range.

As with the full range of office furniture available from The Designer Office, the full reception desks range shown here gets delivered and installed completely free of charge.

That is on top of our Huge Discounts we give on the Receptive range. Sometimes up to 50% off the RRP set by the manufacturer.

At Designer Office, all our furniture is manufactured from the finest materials that ensure appealing designs that last for years to come. Regardless of your budget and available space, you will be able to find the ideal furniture pieces that will be perfect for all your requirements. For any queries, feel free to get in touch with our furniture experts.