Radial Desks/L-Shaped Desks/Corner Desks

At The Designer Office, wherever you are in the UK and whatever your office desk requirements, we can offer you the following fantastic benefits:

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  •  free planning and design of all of your office furniture requirements

Whether you’re looking for executive desks, reception desks, bench desks or office desk pods – whatever you need – we can make sure that your requirements are met to the letter.

What are the Benefits of a Radial Desks?

A radial desk may also be referred to as a corner desk or an L-shaped desk, but whatever you call it, its usefulness in optimizing office space can not be underestimated. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the benefits of radial desks in more detail.

* Maximizing Office Space. Often the corner of an office area is problematic, as it’s a difficult space to fill. Using a radial desk avoids wasting any of the space in your office, maximizing room space in the process. When radial desks are used, additional space is made available for other items of furniture, decoration or even for clearer, less cluttered walkways and a more spacious environment. This can be a massive advantage for a small business with packed in work areas, leaving much more room to breathe and to move around the office freely.

* Maximizing Under-Desk Space. Radial desks have more under-desk space. This space can be utilized in a number of different ways, the most common of which include the storage of the CPU stack of a desktop computer, a small printer or scanner or an under-desk pedestal for yet more organized and practical storage space.

* Maximizing Desktop Space. A simple swivel of your chair means you have access to the entire surface of your radial desk. It’s not necessary for you to wheel yourself to the other side of the desk – simply turn your body and everything you need is close at hand. With radial desks, you can spread your work left and right, providing much more space for you to work on than traditional rectangular desks. This also has ergonomic advantages, as it eliminates the need for over-stretching.

* Maximizing Communication. The use of radial desks in offices has actually been proven to promote communication with co-workers, particularly when the desks are pushed together to create a pod or hub of workspaces. This type of radial desk arrangement lends itself to an atmosphere of collaboration and spaciousness.

What are the Options in Radial Desks?

At The Designer Office, we have a wide range of radial desks, suitable for any office environment. Our radial desks come in a variety of different materials, colors and styles. We have units with integrated shelves for keyboards, monitors, printers, scanners and so on. If you require any help or guidance in making the decision that is right for your particular office space, then have a chat with one of our highly experienced and fully qualified consultants, who can give you the support you need and ensure you pick the office desk solution that is right for you.