Office Desk Pods

Office Desk Pods

At The Designer Office, we specialise in bringing a designer look and feel to UK offices. We have a highly experienced team of office furniture managers who are able to utilise our amazing range of designer office furniture and offer you a brand new designer office that you can afford.

We offer a wide range of stylish, adaptable, ergonomic and space-efficient office furniture that includes the following:

* office desks
* office chairs
* office storage
* executive desks

What are desk pods?

A desk pod usually refers to a number of self-contained desks grouped together to form one pod, often circular or hexagonal in shape, in which individual workspaces are separated by panels. The benefits of this kind of desk pod in your office space are manifold and include the following:

* Openness. In comparison to square cubicles, pods lend themselves to an atmosphere of spaciousness and collaboration. As well as heightened communication between workers, this system also allows for greater and simultaneously less intrusive levels of supervision.

* Style. Purely from a design point of view, the circularity of desk pod systems is more aesthetically pleasing than the sharp, stark angularity of production line-style cubicle systems. Added to which, most office desk pods have a solid block at the centre, enabling workers to personalise their space with decorative items. This aspect of desk pods has been shown to encourage a more pleasant and comfortable work environment, ultimately translating to increased levels of motivation and productivity.

* Space Maximisation. Workers stationed at desk pods are able to utilise the trapezium space available fully, adapted as it is to the reach of the arms, allowing for more elbow room, eliminating the redundant space of more traditional systems and ultimately creating more overall office space.

* Full Functionality. Office desk pods are fully equipped individual workstations with lockable storage, high speed internet connectivity and individual telephone handset capability, ideal for a wide variety of office activity and particularly well-suited for use in a call centre environment. They also come with discreet systems of cable management, hidden in the central hub, allowing configurations of up to eight people, depending on your specific requirements.

Office desk pod systems can be adapted to any kind of office-based business and are, for example, particularly popular in call centres and sales rooms. In these high-power environments, they offer a number of clear benefits:

* Collaboration: Teams working together on a particular project are able to work together in close proximity, allowing for ease of close collaboration.
* Management: Pods allow for a much more personal form of people management.
* Flexibility: Desk pods also offer the ideal base for hot desk options, offering all the benefits of a fully functional office environment to floating single workers or small teams.

For free design, project planning, delivery and installation of the desk pod system to suit your office needs, contact a member of The Designer Office team on 01902 886748 today.