Modern Office furniture

If you’re moving office or your current office needs refurbishing then The Designer Office can help. We have helped many businesses across the UK to create modern office spaces using a whole range of modern office furniture to make them create an impact.

The Designer Office are experts in office refurbishment and one of the leading suppliers of modern office furniture in the UK. From executive chairs, call centre desks and circular pods to boardroom tables and cafe and bistro sets we have a wide range of modern office furniture that will make your office an exciting place to be.

Whether you’re looking to fully fit out a new telesales centre or call centre operation or have individual office spaces that you want to redesign then The Designer Office can help. We can supply modern office furniture with clean modern lines that will give your office environment a smart feel. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual then we can supply quirky office furniture with vibrant colours and design your office space using the very latest in funky and cool furniture.

Forward-thinking businesses realise how important it is to create an office environment that will keep their staff happy, comfortable and productive. This makes for better staff loyalty and retention, increased creativity and a better reputation for the company. Your modern office furniture can play a major role in this and the furniture you decide to have will create the tone and overall atmosphere in the office so you need to make sure that when making your choice that you are going to achieve the type of ambience that you want to create. The Designer Office can support you in achieving this and we will show you how modern office furniture can make a significant impression.

Designing cafes, breakout areas, meeting rooms or entire offices using modern office furniture are not only an investment in your office space, it is also an investment in your employees sense of well being. We supply a wide range of modern office furniture that can give your office a stylish, modern and smart look that will make the type of statement that you are looking for.

Creating stylish office spaces

Whether you’re looking for modern office furniture to fit out a large open plan office space or are looking for some individual statement pieces of office furniture that will make a strong impact then The Designer Office are here to advise you on what will work best in each situation.

Office space such as breakout areas, rest rooms and canteens are all places where staff need to feel more relaxed and open to interaction and collaboration. The use of modern office furniture can help to create the right tone and ambience in these situations.

In meeting and conference rooms you may want to create a more formal mood and we can advise on the best of furniture to choose in order to create this.

We have been supplying high quality modern office furniture in the UK for many years now and creating contemporary stylish office environments is our area of speciality. Please contact The Designer Office now to discuss your next office refurbishment project.