The Importance of a Breakout Area for Your Employees: Why has it Become a Necessity?

What is Breakout Space?

Any space with no predetermined purpose is the simplest definition of a breakout space. It might be a table with three or four breakout chairs or a lounge sofa .

Breakout areas are a fast response to an urgent need. A meeting ends, yet to discuss a sub-task, three people need to talk again. Instead of crowding around someone’s desk, they break out into the dedicated space for 15 to 20 minutes. On the fourth floor, an executive has two sessions and a 30 minute gap between them. They flex into a breakout space to practice between sessions instead of heading back to their office on the first floor.

Importance of Breakout Space and Key Benefits

In a fast-paced workplace, breakout spaces are the final expression of agility. Usually, for more than 30 to 45 minutes, they are not occupied and their unstructured nature makes them the perfect room for whoever occupies them.

The primary advantages we should keep in mind are outlined below:

Promotes productivity

It is likely that employees will develop unpleasant eye strain and back pain due to the nature of many people’s jobs in the corporate world. Throughout the entire working day it is simply not realistic or ideal for workers to be glued to their office desks. This therefore makes it essential for staff to have a place where they can just relax and unwind away from their daily tasks for a while.

Increases creativeness

Let’s face it, it is more likely to be a success for any form of idea generation to conduct informal brainstorms in a brighter and stimulating workplace than a dull workplace area in the office. It makes sense for efficient brainstorms to take place in a more comfortable and relaxing part of the business, and this is usually a dedicated office breakout space.

Brings the social factor to the workplace

Most of our working days are really busy, as we may all agree, and we barely have time to communicate with our fellow work colleagues because we are so absorbed in trying to meet our individual deadlines. Consequently, this provides an even greater incentive for companies to include breakout areas in the workplace so that employees can have the opportunity to have some time out and socialize with each other.

Unfortunately, just providing staff with modern desks and contemporary office chairs is not sufficient in this day and age. Organizations need to go beyond this and have an area that provides an opportunity for staff members to take a break away from their daily tasks.

Allows you to plan in advance with a clearer mind

Needless to say, it’s not easy to get the balance of your work life right, particularly when you have the job of dealing with both work and home pressures. This is especially true for working parents who work full time, who not only need to provide their family with a living, but also need to think about their children’s upbringing, such as their schooling.

It is really helpful to plan your day well in terms of moving closer towards a more balanced lifestyle. It is more time at home that requires the most independent planning especially if you have to plan for young children in advance, than planning for work. Therefore it would be advisable to perhaps take 5-10 minutes away from your job in the office in a private breakout area to be able to create a schedule of activities before your evening.

Improves the well-being of employees and decreases levels of stress

There is no doubt that sitting all day at your desk is bound to lead to a number of long-term health issues. In reality, non-stop working alleviates stress levels and if you are constantly sitting in the same position all day, it can also lead to physical health problems.

While investing your time in alternative methods to decrease stress levels, such as going for regular workouts, however going for short frequent breaks at work is also greatly beneficial.

There is no surprise then that this is considered to be one of the main key features to be considered by office managers during the office design or office revamping process based on the amount of advantages that breakout office furniture brings.

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