Is your office furniture hampering work productivity? Here is what you can do about it

It is safe to say that for a lot of us, our office is our second home. We spend most of our conscious hours in our workspace. Hence, the environment and the vibe of your office can play a huge role in the way you feel. No one likes to work in a chaotic space, cluttered in a pile of old files while sitting on a shabby old chair. The scene itself might drain your entire energy. Although underestimated, good office furniture is one of the most essential requirements to ensure that employees keep working with strong motivation and they are comfortable as well.

You might not think a lot about your office furniture but believe it makes a world of difference when it comes to productivity and employee satisfaction. Our team at The Designer Office have penned down some of the most important reasons why the kind of furniture you use in your office has a huge impact on employee productivity.

Let us get started!

Tips for Good Office Furniture

  1. Comfort and utility
  2. You can identify good office furniture as a perfect combination of comfort and functionality. While choosing office furniture, make sure that you keep in mind the nature of your employees’ work. Are they sitting on their desk all day for computer work? Does their job require them to attend a heap of calls? Or are they barely ever sitting at their desk and are mostly at site visits? Consider all these aspects before you start shopping for your office space. Explore our collection of ergonomic chairs, specially designed for long working hours keeping in mind the importance of back and neck support.

  3. Eliminating boredom
  4. Adding some comfortable and aesthetically appealing furniture will not only make your office space look good but it will also make your employees look forward to coming to work every day. Everyone loves to spend their day in a cute looking space where they are comfortable to spend their entire day, focusing on their work rather than worrying about how uncomfortable their chair is. Add a spare area with some comfortable sofas where the employees can take a break from their routines once in a while and unwind a little.

  5. Storage solutions
  6. Organizing is the key to make your workplace look tidy and put together. Good office furniture will provide you with adequate space for storage. You can shop for various vertical and horizontal shelves to accommodate according to the available space. When the office is kempt, your employees will feel fresh and motivated enough to work better. Aesthetic and compact, our collection of storage cabinets and shelves will leave you spoiled for choices.

  7. Allotting specific places
  8. Designating specific work areas according to the work that needs to be done will make it easier for you to buy furniture accordingly. If a certain space has some specific needs, let’s say a printer needs to be installed near the admin area – you can make arrangements accordingly. So make sure that you determine the separate areas before starting arranging or even buying furniture. Sturdy and functional, our office desks are here to serve you for a long period of time.

  9. Office lighting is the key
  10. Dull and dim workspace will make the employees feel lazy and unmotivated. The energy of a bright and well-lit workspace is unmatchable. Exposing natural elements would be amazing as this can make them feel happier and fresh! If you cannot incorporate more natural lights in your office, try buying bright and warm-colored lights.

  11. Incorporating standing desks
  12. While jumping on the bandwagon of the 9 to 5 job lives, we have all fallen prey to a dull and static lifestyle. Not all of us have the time to work out every day and sitting on our work desks the entire day only makes things worse. Standing desks are one practical way to add a little activity in between our everyday work. By working on standing desks, the employees can break the monotony of being seated all day and reduce health risks.

  13. Making the space vibrant
  14. Add some warmth to your office space and make it more inviting by adding wooden furniture or furniture with vibrant colors. Bright and colorful office space will ensure that employees feel energetic and are motivated enough to keep going throughout the day. So the next time you are shopping for office furniture, make sure you buy vibrant looking furniture, something that is comfortable as well as appealing.

  15. Ensuring cleanliness
  16. It is not merely sufficient to add furniture in your office, it is vital to maintain the cleanliness and keep everything organized as well. Ensure that the office area is spotless and smells fresh so that employees can actually enjoy working in a clean and hygienic atmosphere. One quick hack to keep everything clean and tidy is by buying enough storage so that nothing is out of order and the word space looks way more put together.

    Confused about what to buy first? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Get in touch with us and we will help you with every stage of planning, designing, and installing new furniture in your office. It’s time to make your office look and feel like your second home.

    Happy shopping!