Funky Office Furniture

If you’re looking for something a bit different and you want to fit out your office space with some really funky office furniture that will give the whole environment some personality then The Designer Office can help. We have helped many companies across the UK to create dynamic office spaces using a whole range of cool office furniture to make them stand out from the crowd.

Funky office furniture can really create a relaxed and fun environment which encourages creativity and lifts the whole mood and atmosphere in the office. From funky operator chairs to quirky and individual glass office furniture we have a wide range of very cool office furniture that will make the office a unique place to be.

Brightly coloured operator chairs when combined with brilliant white bench desks can create a real impact and creating that cafe/bistro feel in breakout areas can make a big difference to the ambience and feel-good factor in the office.

Many forward-thinking companies know how important it is to create an atmosphere that will keep the workforce happy, comfortable and productive. This makes for better staff retention and ultimately a better reputation for the company with a workforce that remains loyal and productive. Your office furniture plays a bigger part in this than you might think. Research has shown that modern funky offices with bright colours and cool office furniture provide not only a visual feast but they help to create the right mood and attitude in the office. The Designer Office can help you to achieve this and show you how individual distinctive office furniture can add positivity and a great vibe to your office space.

Kitting out breakout areas, canteens, meeting rooms or going that extra mile and kitting out the entire office with funky office furniture is not only an investment in your office interior, it is an investment in your staff. We stock a wide range of unique and individual office furniture that can give your office a highly contemporary, fun and visually exciting look which will not only delight your staff but your clients too.

Creating unique and individual office spaces

Whether you’re looking for some really cool office furniture to kit out a large open plan office space or are looking for some individual statement pieces that will make a mark then The Designer Office are here to advise you every step of the way.

You can encourage your employees to think outside of the box by encouraging them to come out of their workstation area and mingle! We can help you create spaces that encourage interaction and collaboration and the best way to do this is to make the environment an attractive and relaxing place to be in.

Breakout spaces, rest areas, cafes, these are all areas where people need to feel more relaxed and the use of funky office furniture can help to create that type of atmosphere. Even in meeting and conference rooms, there is a good argument for being a bit different and quirky. These spaces can often seem intimidating and managerial and when staff members are in meetings they can close down and not be so open in their communication.

By creating a meeting room that is vibrant, colourful and exciting, you immediately change the ambience in the room and that can help foster more involvement and communication from your staff members.

For more advice about using funky furniture in the office and creating a unique and individual environment then please contact The Designer Office. We would be more than happy to discuss a few design ideas with you.