Designer Cafe & Bistro Furniture From The Designer Office

At The Designer Office we can offer you 30% off RRP on all our café and bistro furniture. Along with free delivery and installation on every piece of café or bistro furniture ordered ordered. You know you will be getting the best price possible when getting a quote from The Designer Office.

Cafes & Bistros are getting more and more contemporary in design these days so it is important to have the modern and designer furniture in your café or bistro. You can purchase our café and bistro furniture in full sets or separately as tables or chairs.

Our suppliers and café and bistro furniture are carefully selected to fit the criteria for our customers. Speak with a member of our team and their experienced knowledge of café and bistro furniture will help you select the right furniture for your café or bistro.

A few images of our café and bistro furniture are available on the site, but to see the full range enquire about a catalogue today or speak to a member of our team on 01902 886748.