Booth Chairs

Booth Seating

We are probably most familiar with the concept of booth seating in cafes and some restaurants where a booth seat, or bench type seat, is located on either side of a table. This kind of design is useful in a cafe or restaurant situation as a fixed single unit seat can accommodate at least two people sitting together. The seats are padded and comfortable, with good support, and they can be very attractively design as well.

Office booth seating, UK style, offers a comfortable seating arrangement in a space that can be partitioned off. It allows for the possibility of having small meeting groups as well. The privacy offered by isolated office booth seating is conducive to encouraging better focus and concentration, and therefore potentially greater worker efficiency.

Booth seating works well in business reception areas. Modular booths that can perhaps be arranged in a variety of different shapes to suit the room’s particular characteristics is one innovative idea for reception rooms, rather than just having the booth seats arranged in boring strict straight lines. If you use booth seats in reception areas, be sure to have well padded soft seating; there’s nothing worse than having to wait patiently in a reception area sitting on a hard, unyielding seat.

While booth seating can be very suitable for a meeting room, meeting chairs designed for the purpose might be a better choice. If your budget can stretch to it, high quality task chairs could be an even better choice for business meetings. People tend to judge the importance of a meeting by the environment they find themselves in.

If the chair or type of seating is not particularly comfortable and doesn’t suggest good quality, the meeting attendee will likely lose concentration and perform poorly. Good quality seating or chairs in a meeting room will tend to impress more, and have the effect of increasing concentration and overall performance.

Booth seating usually works best with a fixed table. As the booth seat is also usually fixed, it is necessary to ensure that the distance between the booth and table allows for comfortable sitting and working, or eating, from the table.

Booth seating can easily be arranged in a variety of configurations to suit any need. With the use of noise reduction and cancelling, and audio absorption materials, acoustic booths have great versatility and can be erected anywhere to provide an area of high privacy where an impromptu meeting can be held.