Ever Wondered What the Future of Post COVID-19 Work Trends Would be? Here’s What the Future Holds.

COVID-19 has flipped our personal and working lives upside-down. After months of compulsory involvement in the world’s first ‘Work-From-Home’ exercise, the shifted-focus is now affecting daily lives and post-pandemic office-trends and work-life. The question arises, ‘What are people’s requirements and preferences from their place of work?’ And as employers, how much benefit does our company […]

Choosing Office Storage Cabinets: Things You Should Consider

While choosing the perfect desk may provide some storage furniture solutions for your office, there is still a need for additional storage space, both in the home and corporate offices. Many times, you will find storage solutions that fit your desk style for streamlined aesthetics. Storage strategies, should however, cover everything from conventional, desk filing […]

Boost Your Work Productivity and Ensure Comfort by Using Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomics means something that is structured to make your work easier by ensuring comfort in the workplace. In this case, we’ll concentrate on the difference between ergonomic chairs and non-ergonomic chairs. We may derive the key distinction from the concept of ergonomics. What is an ergonomic chair? Usually, office chairs are graded as ergonomic when […]